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Creating unique and memorable ceremonies with care to remember and honour the life of your loved one

At the most difficult of times imagine someone who is absolutely dedicated to helping you give your loved one the very best ceremony to honour their life …

No two lives are the same so it goes without saying that each ceremony I create is as special as the individual.

Caring, calm, and committed … I will work closely with you and your chosen funeral professional to ensure a unique experience, capturing the very essence of the person that was and will remain, of the person you have known and loved.

Saying goodbye for the last time is never easy but it can be a lasting, positive experience.  I will support and guide you as much as you want or need, helping to find appropriate words, music and offering choices to add depth and meaning to your ceremony;  a time when family and friends are united to honour and celebrate a life.

Whatever your choice of event and location I will be happy to work with you to achieve the most meaningful ceremony for you.  Your choice of celebrant is entirely down to you and you can notify the funeral director accordingly – so do please contact me directly if you would like a very special commemoration or something a little different.

If you think your loved one would have approved of the arrangements and choices you have made … I have done what I set out to do.

Working with families as an independent funeral celebrant is an absolute privilege